The Basque contribution to the project

The Baccalaureate 1st year students of Classical Languages attending class at IES Urbi (Basauri, Basque Country, Spain) took part in this project.

We used an active participatory methodology:

-Students reflected on all the languages they know (Spanish, Basque, English, French, Latin and Ancient Greek), and the linguistic diversity of their European partners.

-They analyzed the origin of  the European languages, their classification and the important imprint left by the Classical Languages.

-They stimulated the celebration of the European Language Day (26/09/2018)at IES Urbi.

-They created posters in several languages.

-They presented the school in Basque and looked at the presentations of their European partners.

-They took pat in the logo contest and upvoted the logo of their European partners.

-They participated in the creation of the padlet on questions and answers about European languages and cultures.

 -They collaborated in the creation of word clouds about "our most important words in English", and edited and published the two videos above.

The experience in this project has been very rewarding. Many thanks to all of you!


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